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A Word from Pastor Ed

I feel that my call to ministry is to share God's love for humanity through His son, Jesus the Christ. God cares for people and they need to know it. I share that with the folks of the congregation and all I come into contact with.

I feel that to know Jesus's and God's love lifts people's self-esteem and takes human pressures off from them.

I believe in a joy-filled life for the Christian and try to help the people of our church to know and to live that joy! I also feel that all Christians are in ministry to the world and each other.

In God's love and peace,
Pastor Ed

Pastor Ed

Pastor Ed Woodworth has been our pastor since January 1, 2007. Born and raised in the Cazenovia, New York area on a family run dairy farm, he is quite at home in our rural community.

Pastor Ed began his life and his ministry work in the United Methodist Church, serving seven churches in the North Central New York Conference. He has always, since a young person, been involved in the ministry of Christ as a Sunday School teacher, lay leader, janitor or painter, anything but a choir member or trustee. Since 2001 he has been associated with the American Baptist Churches, serving two other congregations before coming to us.

He is married to his lovely wife, Chris, who adds much to his ministry through her music and involvement in many activities of our church. They have two adult children, Jacob and Eliza.

Pastor Ed and Chris moved into our parsonage in August, 2008 and are available to all that seek guidance or assistance on their personal journey to a relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ.


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